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What to Expect After Access Bars Healing

Every Bars session is different. The worst that can happen after a Bars session is you feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

Among the most reported effects are an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter anymore.

After any energetic healing, you will go through a period of integration and adjustment as you process the shifts and changes that have been activated within you. It is not uncommon to experience physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental changes.

It is normal to experience one, all (or none!) of the below:

Recognition of a change in energetic state. You may feel calmer, more relaxed, free, light, at ease, relief, expansive, more present, more embodied, grounded within body and life.

Senses can be heightened you may feel, see, hear and taste things with more vibrancy & intensity.

Your energy levels may fluctuate in an extreme way, exhaustion or feeling “high”. You may feel called to rest more or spend more time outside in nature.

 You may feel more emotional as you clear out old, repressed emotions. Sadness, grief, anger can surface and/or burst of bliss & joy. You may be extra teary or be giggly & laugh a lot.

Take note of your dreams. Your subconscious mind will go through an adjustment and your dreams hold the key for that expansion.

 You may experience physical releasing symptoms such as a need to go to the toilet more frequently with increased urine or bowel movements. You might feel experience some pain, headache, or cold-like symptoms. These physical detox symptoms usually pass quickly.

 You may notice itchiness or tingles through the body or have waves of hot or cold energy flow through you.

​Usually, any of these symptoms last between 1 – 2 days and will ease. Obviously, if you are concerned with anything you notice after a session feel free to get in contact with your practitioner.

To get the most out of your session be very present within yourself and pay attention to the subtle shifts that will occur after. If you get waves of inspiration and creativity, follow that. Your inner compass will be heightened and helping you to make the changes you need to come into balance and alignment. If you get the urge to do things differently, have conversations you feel called to, or change things up – go for it!!

What should I do to integrate the healing?

Drink plenty of water on the day and days following your session. Nourish yourself with foods that feel good to you.

Give yourself some time and space to reflect on what you experienced. Don’t be in such a rush to get back to the usual structure of your day-to-day life and allow the session to integrate.

 You might like to go for a gentle walk outside in nature, meditate, have a soothing bath or shower and/or do some journal writing to reflect on what you experienced.

 Often during or after healing, you will receive insights and clarity as to what you can focus on moving forward. The healer may have offered you some insights or suggestions of specific things you can change, add, or remove from your life to support you. If this is the case really commit to exploring and honoring what suggestions feel good for you.


Healing Stones

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


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