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Reiki & Massage

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"Adriane has such a warm and friendly vibe that radiates love and care. I am a regular massage customer and this was my first Bars session. It was very relaxing and helped me calm down to deal with some anxiety issues. As with any energy work, it works if you works it. Adriane provides a lovely path to take you on the journey of self care. It's up to you to take the steps to integrate the healing."

Sheila B.

"My massage with Adriane was great. I got the 90 minute OHT Signature massage and she was able to really work out some kinks. She was very attentive and found the spots that were giving me a hard time. She also took instruction well. The room was very comfortable and the office was quiet. The reiki was soothing, and I left the office feeling more hopeful and optimistic about my current situation. 10/10 would recommend and will be back."

Ebony E.

"Wasn't sure if I wanted to leave a review because if I tell everyone how GREAT she is, I might not be able to get an appointment time convenient for me any more. So many new people will want to book her. I have had plenty of therapeutic massages over the years, and Arlene is wonderful. Parking is ample right at the door. Her salon is quiet without distractions. I can tell she has a lot of experience. She listened when I told her my problem area. She knows how to apply firm pressure without being painful. Can't wait for my next session!"

Carol B.

"I have been getting massages with cupping for over six years, either to allievate pregnancy discomforts, breastfeding posture, or having an active lifestyle. Adriane is the first massage therapist to doing cupping on me without the extremely uncomfortable pinching. And, she still got my body to release the tension and discomfort that I had been struggling with in my low back for a month. I had deep tissue added-on. I've already booked my next 90 massage to work out the rest of the kinks. And, I've also bought the hour-massage membership for maintenence after that appointment. I'm looking forwarded to decreasing the amount of my monthly chiropractic adjustments, since my body seems to usually respond more to a massage with cupping."

Erin P.

"My OHT massage with Adrienne was even better than I imagined it would be! Sooo incredibly relaxing, stress relieving, and left me walking away in a full state of bliss. My scalp massage was incredible and seemed to take the edge off my ice-pick headaches! After just one massage, I’m already looking into membership options. Highly recommend!

Grace S.

"My massage experience with Adriane was hands down the best massage I've ever had!! Within the first few minutes, I felt totally relaxed. I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders and often flinch when people try to work on the muscles and knots in my back. Adriane took such good care of me that when she started working on my troublesome areas, I didn't even flinch because I was that relaxed. I swear she has magical hands! :) I added the peppermint rosemary muscle comfort and it was absolutely worth the small amount extra. It was such a wonderful experience that I booked my next appointment before I left! If you're in need of a massage, I would not even hesitate to recommend booking an appointment with Adriane! I can't wait for my next massage!"

Lori G.

"Fantastic massage!! Adriane's space was warm and inviting. It was very well decorated, calming, great music, soothing water feature, and smelled amazing. Adriane was super nice, made me feel very comfortable, and her massage was amazing. She listened to everything I said before the massage and took her time. Everything was perfect from start to finish. I highly recommend you go destress at One Touch Reiki & Massage. Definitely going back."

Kristina K.

"Adriane is one of the strongest reiki practitioners in the area that I have experienced. I am also trained in reiki and I prefer her over anyone else that has worked on me. Her energy is honest and open and she is genuinely here to help you on your healing journey. As a counselor, I see her regularly for a 90-minute reiki massage as a part of my self-care routine, and really look forward to hearing her insights and suggestions for the following weeks. She is very professional with a range of services that many don't offer. I also have no hesitation recommending Adriane to my fellow coworkers or to my clients to assist in managing symptoms of PTSD, depression or anxiety symptoms if they are interested in a more holistic approach."

Dena E.

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Reviews: HTML Embed
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