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3 Amazing Signature Services Offered at One Healing Touch

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

One Healing Touch is a boutique-style Reiki & Massage practice in Moncks Corner, SC, that utilizes various methods to align and keep your body and spirit in balance. Learn more about the 3 amazing Signature services offered at One Healing Touch: Signature Massage, Access Consciousness Bars Healing, and the Reiki Healing services.

Signature Massage (MOST POPULAR) Is a massage & reiki experience that incorporates intuitive Swedish massage, neuromuscular, myofascial, and/or trigger point therapy techniques that use firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits, and allows you to slip into a calm state of relaxation. Designed to remove severe tension to relieve, stretch and repair connective tissue below the surface and helps improve range of motion and heal injuries to provide deep lasting relaxation of muscles. Because it incorporates Reiki the benefits are compounded.

Unlike a massage, there is no manual manipulation of muscles in a Reiki Healing session. The recipient lays in a quiet, relaxed position while the Reiki Practitioner releases healing energy through specific hand positions and sacred symbols with a specific focus on all major organs. The experience is very nurturing and relaxing and many times the recipient drifts into a dream sleep. This deeply nurturing session is helpful for reducing stress, restoring healthy habits, and supporting life transitions spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Contrary to popular belief, Reiki Healings DO NOT focus on Chakras, HOWEVER, because the focus on the major organs affects every area of the body, Chakras benefit as well.

In contrast, Access Consciousness Bars® Healing does not involve manual manipulation of muscle or a focus on the major organs but instead addresses 32 points on the head that contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored consciously and unconsciously. when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. This is a relaxing energy medicine technique helpful for managing stress, anxiety, recovery, trauma, and overall health.

The owner and sole therapist, Adriane, invites you to start your healing journey under her nurturing hands. She has created a healing environment that's intended to make you feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed.

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