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Come in overwhelmed, leave rejuvenated!

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Reiki Healing


Indulge in our top-rated service and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Our expert massage therapists use a combination of manual muscle manipulation and Reiki energy to soothe away tension and stress. A blend of Swedish, neuromuscular, myofascial, cupping, and trigger point techniques are used for a truly customized experience. Enjoy the sensation of firm yet gentle pressure as you drift into a peaceful state of tranquility. Don't miss out on this heavenly experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Experience a new level of tranquility and healing with our second-most popular service, Reiki Healing. Unlike traditional massage, this technique involves no manual manipulation of muscles. Instead, you'll lay in a peaceful, relaxed position as our skilled Reiki Practitioner guides healing energy through specific hand positions and sacred symbols with a focus on all major organs. Allow yourself to be enveloped in a nurturing and deeply relaxing experience, as you may even drift into a dream-like state. This session is perfect for reducing stress, supporting life transitions, and restoring healthy habits in all aspects of your being- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Be immersed in this deeply transformative experience and emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.


Experience the ultimate in prenatal pampering with Nurturing the Mother®'s Pregnancy Massage. Our certified therapists are specially trained to cater to the unique needs of expecting mothers and have crafted a treatment that addresses them all. Relax and unwind as you indulge in a harmonious blend of Swedish massage, range-of-motion, stretching, deep tissue, lymph drainage, acupressure, and abdominal massage. This nurturing and rejuvenating treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and prepared for your journey into motherhood, while ensuring the well-being of both you and your baby


Unlock a new dimension of healing and relaxation with our Access Consciousness Bars® Healing session. Unlike massage and Reiki Healing, this unique technique does not involve manual manipulation of muscles or a focus on major organs. Instead, our trained practitioner will gently touch 32 points on the head that contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored consciously and unconsciously. This gentle touch effortlessly and easily releases anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. This relaxing energy medicine technique is helpful in managing stress, anxiety, recovery, trauma, and overall health. Step into a state of pure tranquility and allow yourself to be transformed by this revolutionary healing method.


Experience the power of healing from the comfort of your own home with our Distance Reiki Sessions. Perfect for anyone, anywhere in the world, this service allows you to set up a session for yourself or a loved one. The best part? It requires very little effort on the recipient's part, making it a perfect option for those who may not be able to receive in-person treatments. This deeply nurturing session is designed to reduce stress, restore healthy habits, and support life transitions. Whether you're looking to improve your overall well-being or manage a specific concern, our Distance Reiki Sessions are a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of Reiki.


Take a break from the chaos of daily life and immerse yourself in a serene and peaceful sanctuary in our Healing Room retreat. Our tranquil studio is designed to provide the perfect environment for you to escape from the hectic demands of everyday life. Whether you're looking to meditate, take a much-needed nap, or simply sit in silence, our studio is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. Your therapist will greet you upon arrival, make sure you are comfortable and provide you with the necessary tools to make your experience as pleasant as possible. At the end of your session, they will check on you to make sure you had a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Premium Sessions

Elevate your One Healing Touch Experience with one of our Premium sessions.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. This unique therapy combines the healing properties of pure Himalayan salt with the warmth of heated stones to promote deep relaxation and improve circulation. The natural negative ions in Himalayan salt work to balance the body's energy, fostering a sense of peace and calm, making this more than just a physical experience. Indulge in a massage that not only provides physical benefits, but also promotes mental and emotional well-being.

CBD Infused Massage

Experience the many benefits of CBD with our CBD-infused massage therapy. Our specially formulated CBD oil helps to alleviate inflammation, reduce pain, improve blood pressure, enhance skin health and appearance, aid in muscle recovery, and much more. This unique massage combines the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the relaxation and rejuvenation of traditional massage techniques to provide an unparalleled wellness experience. Our experienced therapists will work with you to customize the perfect massage to meet your individual needs and concerns.

Sessions: Services
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